Summer holiday camp 7 bounces into sight

The summer holiday is in full swing and already those pesky advertisers are reminding us that school is returning soon. Before anything like that happens we have our last camp of the summer running Aug 27-30th at Ravens LTC, N12

It’s going to be a bumper camp and with spaces running out fast the fun is going to last all week!! Can’t wait to meet, greet and reunite with old faces, new campers and the Aceplay tennis coaching staff.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Website updates: a fresh feel

It’s always super satisfying updating the website. Check out our fun new video sequences running on the home page, the new junior tennis camp updates and photo’s on both the home and camp pages and the added details for our adult, junior and mini tennis. The autumn 2019 tennis programme is bumper. We have never had so many people signing up for the tennis was we have in 2019. This can only happen thanks to you all for coming and joining in the fun.

Gone but not forgotten

Thank you to all who have been nudging me to post again, life on the tennis court has kept my fingers busy on the racket and with little time on the keyboard. Fear not we are back and with vigour!!!

Tennis is never on hold: from Melbourne to North Finchley

Tennis is never on hold for the Aceplay Tennis coaching team. Whilst the pro’s melted in Australia and we chewed our nails, cheered and reflected on all the drama from the Australian Open we were also hard at work here at Ravens Tennis Club in North Finchley, London.

Although winter has actually arrived it hasn’t been enough to stop us and our coaching programme. Frosty courts calls for creative coaching and whilst the younger kids have been taking their lessons in our club house, I’ve also been working on the psychology with the performance players. Last night did a fantastic analysis and reflection session after a grade three tournament last weekend brought a mixture of results. We spoke about the impact of tension as both a positive and negative reality in match play, how nerves can affect our performance and make movement, shot selection and execution harder than ever and how me may cope with these pressures.

Onwards and forwards for us all.

Winter time tennis coaching in London – It’s minus out here but we’re smiling

The best thing about loving your job is that whatever the environment throws up you adapt!! This week the Winter has been biting hard for us outdoor tennis coaches in London and whilst it never ceases to amaze me how the kids turn up in shorts and T-shirts (only then to realise how blooming freezing it is) we cater, adjust and adapt.

Last night (see photo above) it was a biting cold night but for Matteo and myself. But despite these elements the end of term Friday evening tennis group tournament was as fun as always. The kids bring their warm spirits and love for the game onto court with them and it is infectious. Happy coaches and happy kids is a great formula for any tennis coaching session.