Well we are nearly there. 2019 is looming over the tennis net and within touching distance. Upon reflection 2018 has been an unusual year. Not just because of social, political and environmental stuff that fills our newspapers, televisions, smart phones and thoughts but because it’s been quite a year for tennis.

On the pro circuit we saw the greatest male tennis player of all time Roger Federer continuing his remarkable tally of major title wins despite the exciting comeback of both Rafa and Novak to challenge his crown. Roger may not end 2018 as world no.1 but he remains No.1 in our hearts and i only hope he can maintain his remarkable levels in 2019. In the ladies game perhaps the greatest player of all time Serena come back to the tour as a mum offering us not only some exciting tennis but the greatest and most uncomfortable melt down ever seen in the US Open Final. Her upset and antics undoubtedly was important in the current world climate but it did diminish the incredible achievements of a new star Naomi Osaka as she won her first major tennis title. All sorts of drama and action kept us on the edge of our seats and i have no doubt 2019 will be just the same.

In the smaller but no less significant tennis world of the Aceplay Tennis team (significant i hope to all who came and enjoyed some court time with us) we enjoyed another fabulous year on court. A massive thank you to all who have trained, visited, enquired, played, connected via social media or like you took the time to read this blog and engage with us. Thank you a million times over, without you this is nothing.

A very happy and peaceful year to you all and i hope 2019 brings some of your hopes, dreams and wishes.

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